David L . Marriott


Auckland & Queenstown, New Zealand

Advocacy, Knowledge, Expertise

Commercial barrister

  • Interlocutory, trial and appellate advocacy

  • Intellectual property litigation

  • Contract and commercial litigation

  • Employment litigation

  • Alternative dispute resolution

David has extensive experience representing both New Zealand and international clients in a broad range of civil and commercial cases before tribunals (including the Intellectual Property Office of New Zealand), the New Zealand courts at all levels including the High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court/Privy Council, and, as counsel assisting clients to resolve their disputes through alternative means including arbitration, settlement conferences, negotiation and mediation.

David is also recognised as one of New Zealand's foremost intellectual property litigators, having been involved in many significant and reported cases.  


He has been a barrister sole since late 2009, prior to which he was a partner, and headed the litigation team, in one of New Zealand's leading intellectual property law firms.

"Being an effective litigator is as much about developing a close and detailed understanding of my own client's needs and objectives, as it is about using my advocacy skills to achieve them."
"Success isn't measured by winning or losing, no matter whether it is in the courtroom or across the settlement table.  Its measured by the degree to which my client achieved those needs and objectives."




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